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Traveling To Mexico: 10 Outstanding Reasons That Will Inspire You - Travelupic

Traveling To Mexico: 10 Outstanding Reasons That Will Inspire You

Traveling to Mexico is not something most travelers place at the top of their travel bucket list. Most travelers tend to overlook Mexico when it comes to ideal travel destinations and are more inclined to put a few other countries ahead of it. Mexico might not be the most glamorous name on your list of countries to visit. However, there are still plenty of exciting reasons why you should add this incredible country to your travel bucket list.

Mexico is a country that is located in North America. It lies just south of the United States (US) which is also located on the same continent. Some of its other neighboring countries include Belize, Canada, and Guatemala. Similar to most other countries, Mexico also has its wet and dry seasons. You can expect to feel the heat of Mexico anywhere during the months of March, April, and May. This is the time of the year when you can expect plenty of tourists to travel to Mexico. Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Puerto Vallarta are three cities within the country that many tourists love traveling to.

In 2019, Mexico came in 7th on a list of most visited countries anywhere around the globe. This was the year prior to when traveling became near impossible due to COVID-19. This is impressive when you consider the fact that Mexico was ahead of countries like Canada, Germany, Japan, and Switzerland. All of which are well-recognized as top travel destinations. So, the question is, what exactly makes Mexico such a popular tourist destination? Well, here are 10 amazing reasons why traveling to Mexico is a trip worth any cost.

Affordable Travel Destination

traveling to mexico

If you are someone who loves cheap travel destinations or more so traveling on a budget, then a trip to Mexico should definitely be one of your top options when considering such destinations. Mexico is a country that provides its visitors with a variety of exciting activities at affordable prices. Some of these activities include scuba diving, go-karting, exploring caverns, rock climbing, and jet skiing. These are just a few of the many amazing things you can do in Mexico at an extremely cheap cost.

In addition to this, transport within the country can be relatively cheap as well when you compare it to most other countries around the world. Hence, getting from place to place should not be much of a worry for most travelers. For travelers residing in the US or Canada, you might find that traveling to Mexico can be exceptionally inexpensive due to how well the US and Canadian dollars convert to Mexican pesos. In essence, Mexico is a great place for travelers who intend on planning holiday trips to locations that are both affordable and memorable.

Friendly Locals

traveling to mexico

Mexicans are a very welcoming and approachable bunch of people. It is honestly quite a unique experience chatting to and hanging around with some of the locals in Mexico. They are very open to sharing their knowledge with tourists about their country such as its history, culture, enjoyable day-tripping spots, and amazing food places. As a tourist, you will not need to spend your money on tour guides to help you get around the country as the locals are more than willing to aid you in that aspect.

Mexico is mostly a Spanish-speaking country. Hence, it might be very beneficial for you to learn some basic Spanish before traveling to Mexico. Being able to speak their native language can be really useful when conversing with the locals who are not as fluent when it comes to speaking English. Though there are still a large number of people who are capable of speaking English, it is always better to converse with locals in their native language.

Incredible Food

traveling to mexico

Mexican cuisine has always been renowned for its authentic flavors. Chilaquiles, Gorditas, Quesadillas, and Tacos are some of the more recognizable Mexican dishes. Mexican food is very popular worldwide and can be found in a number of countries beyond the continent of North America. The main reason for its popularity is due to how incredibly versatile Mexican flavors are that it is able to suit any tastebud. From sweet to spicy to tangy flavors, you can get almost any type of flavor you want from Mexican cuisine.

Instead of visiting restaurants that are certainly capable of serving quality Mexican dishes, try exploring the cities for local street vendors who are excellent at cooking up some amazing Mexican food that will surely make you yearn for more. Although Mexican cuisine can be found in many countries around the globe, there is no better place to enjoy good Mexican food than Mexico itself.

Vibrant Music Scene

traveling to mexico

Not many countries are known for their music scene. However, Mexico is an exception to this. Mexico is a country whereby you are able to experience and understand culture through music. Music is something that the Mexicans love regardless of the type of music that is being played or where it is being played at. Music is a way of bringing the various Mexican communities together in celebration of their country’s wonderful culture and history. When traveling to Mexico, do not be shocked to see locals gathering and playing music along the streets as it is their way of showcasing their unity and togetherness.

You can even be part of their music culture by joining them in their celebrations. This is a great way of not just immersing yourself in their culture but also having a bit of fun dancing to the various music that is being played. If are someone who dislikes loud music being played around you and would prefer a more peaceful environment, then you can try avoiding some of the more saturated town areas. There are still plenty of locations within the towns where you can enjoy the beauty of Mexico without the musical experience. Thus, for those music lovers out there, traveling to Mexico is definitely going to be a worthwhile trip for you.

Spectacular Beaches

traveling to mexico

Beaches are aplenty in Mexico. It is hard to find a beach that does not catch your eye when in Mexico. Some of the best beaches in Mexico are largely located in Cancun, Cozumel, and Playa del Carmen. These locations are iconic for their incredible beaches. It also explains why they are consistently packed with tourists year after year. You can even consider staying at some of the luxurious resorts located near these beaches. This is a great way of truly experiencing that ideal holiday atmosphere that most trippers desire when traveling to a country.

These places are also filled with a ton of fun water activities ranging from jet skiing to cave diving. There are numerous other amazing aspects to these beaches than just their pristine waters. Therefore, if you are planning a trip to Mexico with the family, then be sure to pack a good amount of swimwear as you will surely be tempted to get into those waters more than just once.

Beautiful Culture

traveling to mexico

Mexico is a country that prides itself on its history and culture. These two aspects play a key role in how the country portrays itself to its visitors. For those who are traveling to Mexico for the first time, it can actually turn out to be quite a culture shock. Mexicans love to fill their streets with colors, parades, music, and many more interesting features. These are some of the various means by which Mexicans display their love for their country.

There are several other ways for travelers to understand and appreciate the country’s culture such as visiting the countless museums within the country as well as exploring the various Mayan ruins all around the country. Talking to the locals can also be really helpful in learning about the country’s background and culture. So, when traveling to Mexico, try interacting with the local population as a means to better understand the various wonderful aspects of the country.

Electrifying Nightlife

traveling to mexico

In terms of exciting nightlife, Mexico is a country that is definitely going to provide you with that. Just like how fun does not stop during the day, it certainly does not end during the night. You can find many of the locals visiting the nearby clubs at night. Mexicans have a relatively high energy level when it comes to having fun. They tend to spend the day like a warmup session for what is to come at night which is mainly that party vibe.

There are still many other enjoyable night activities available in Mexico such as boat riding, watching plays, and even stargazing. Mexico has a ton of amazing spots for stargazing and it is also a pastime for many of the locals. One of the best cities in Mexico for its nightlife is Cancun. This is just another reason why many people consider Cancun a tourist hotspot. It just never fails to deliver its travelers an unforgettable experience.

Pulsating Festivals

traveling to mexico

Similar to the music scene in Mexico, the festival season is something that brings joy to all Mexicans around the country. In addition to uniting and gathering the different Mexican communities together, celebrating festivals is a way of relieving any stress or worries that may be burdening the locals. Some of the more notable festivals in Mexico include Festival de Mexico, Fiesta de la Candelaria, Cervantino Festival, and Guadalajara International Film Festival.

These festivals, also known as fiestas by the locals, are constantly packed with tourists from all over the globe. Tourists are enticed by the beautiful colors and celebrations that come with these marvelous festivals. The majority of these fiestas are organized to commemorate the beautiful culture and history that has continuously helped in progressing the country over the past decades and centuries. With the country being founded in the early 19th Century, these celebrations are a great way of appreciating the people who have built the country of Mexico.

Lovely Weather

traveling to mexico

You do not need to worry much about the weather when traveling to Mexico. Mexico has amazing weather all year round. Although the country has its typical wet and dry seasons similar to most other countries around the world, Mexico is still able to provide its residents with mostly warm and sunny weather. This is the perfect type of weather for a travel destination.

In terms of the two seasons, it is always good to be aware of when the various seasons start and end before planning your trip to Mexico. The dry season usually starts around the month of November and ends near the month of May while the wet season tends to begin in the month of June and concludes around the month of October. From this, you can notice that the dry season actually lasts longer than the wet season. This is awesome news for those who are planning on traveling to Mexico for a vacation.

Remarkable Ancient Ruins

traveling to mexico

Mexico is filled with ancient ruins all across its land. These ruins were created to symbolize the success of the various ancient civilizations that have helped build the early foundations of the country. It is also a huge representation of the country’s history and growth through the ages. When traveling to Mexico, set aside some time to visit and explore these ruins. This is an excellent way of truly understanding the history behind the various civilizations and the country of Mexico itself.

Mexico City and Cancun are home to a number of ancient ruins. It is almost impossible for someone to not be able to spot some of these ruins when visiting the two cities. A few of the more famous ancient ruins in Mexico that are definitely worth checking out are Chicken Itza (Mexico City), Monte Alban (Mexico City), Teotihuacan (Mexico City), Tulum (Cancun), and Coba (Cancun). So, when planning for your trip to Mexico, be sure to add these sites to your list of places to visit while in the country.

Final Thoughts On Traveling To Mexico

The overall goal of a good travel destination is to provide its visitors with a memorable experience that they can return back home with. It has to leave an everlasting impression on travelers that makes them want to visit the location again. That is exactly what traveling to Mexico is like. Mexico is a country that is able to satisfy any type of traveler. From nature lovers to foodies to culture enthusiasts, every traveler is sure to enjoy the many amazing aspects that the country has to offer. It does not matter if you are planning a trip with the family or a solo venture, you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable time in Mexico.

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