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Traveling To Germany: 11 Brilliant Reasons That Will Arouse You - Travelupic

Traveling To Germany: 11 Brilliant Reasons That Will Arouse You

Germany, a peaceful yet vibrant country, is one of the most highly regarded travel destinations in Europe. Many tourists and travel enthusiasts love traveling to Germany for a multitude of different reasons, all of which are definitely alluring. Irrespective of the time of day, there is an assortment of fun things to do in beautiful Germany. It is a great place to travel to regardless of planning a vacation with the family or a solo trip.

From the serene countryside to the exhilarating nightlife, you will rarely find yourself short of ideas in terms of things to do while in Germany. When it comes to a country like Germany, it can be quite easy to miss out on certain aspects that make this country an awesome travel destination as there are just too many amazing things to point out whilst describing it. So, instead of just naming every aspect, here is a comprehensive guide to the various key factors that make Germany an incredible vacation spot.

Vibrant Festivals All-Year Round

traveling to germany

Celebrations are aplenty in Germany. There are numerous festivals being celebrated on a yearly basis in the country. When planning for your trip to Germany, you should definitely consider traveling during a time when one of such festive occasions is taking place.  Beethovenfest, Cannstatter Volksfest, Oktoberfest, Reeperbahn Festival, and Wurstmarkt are some of the more impressively celebrated festivals in Germany. There are still plenty of other fun and exciting festivals that take place in the country. However, these are the more noteworthy ones that consistently attract huge crowds, especially tourists. Berlin and Munich are two of the cities in Germany that celebrate the most number of festivals.

German Cuisine Is Mouth-Watering

traveling to germany

When it comes to food, Germany has some of the most delectable food you can find anywhere around the world. Trying out German food should certainly be at the top of your bucket list when planning a trip to Germany. If you are someone who has never tried German food before, you have honestly been missing out on some of the most incredible food. Similar to most other cuisines, there is a ton of variety in German cuisine. Some of the more famous dishes in German cuisine include Currywurst, Maultaschen, Rouladen, Sauerbraten, and Spatzle. Though you might not be familiar with any of these dishes now, you will most definitely be more acquainted with them after your trip to Germany.

Medieval Germany Is Incredible

traveling to germany

Germany is a country that has a ton of history. Many people who have never visited Germany tend to believe it is a country that is solely filled with beautiful and innovative architecture. However, that is far from the truth. From olden towns to castles to long-standing churches, you can find a number of historic monuments in Germany. Most of which date all the way back to World War II with a handful even dating back to World War I. Majority of these monuments have become popular tourist destinations over the years. Tourists love visiting and taking pictures of such age-old buildings as not many such structures still exist around the world in current times.

Explore Germany’s Remarkable Art History

traveling to germany

Previously we mentioned how much Germans love to preserve their historic symbols such as their old churches and forts. Now we focus on another part of their history that greatly represents their country, and that is their incredible art history. Germany has always been renowned for its continuous efforts in directing a number of remarkable art movements. There are countless art galleries in Germany that have endlessly attracted visitors from all over the globe for their outstanding art pieces. Dresden and Berlin are two places that you would want to head to if you are interested in observing some of the brilliant artwork done by the locals. It is definitely something worth exploring while in Germany.

Diverse And Colourful Landscape

traveling to germany

If you are a fan of scenic nature and stunning landscapes, then be prepared to witness some of that while in Germany. Germany is filled with incredible landscapes regardless of which city you visit. You are able to capture the beauty of both olden Germany as well as modernized Germany through its stunning architecture. Long drives around cities in Germany should certainly be added to your list of things to do in the country. It is hard to find driving routes that are rarely surrounded by scenic nature. You can expect to see beaches, hills, and mountains while driving around the different cities. So, make sure to bring along a camera to capture all of Germany’s astonishing beauty.

Germans Are A Very Friendly Bunch Of People

traveling to germany

Friendly might be an understatement when it comes to describing Germans. They are a very warm and welcoming group of individuals, particularly towards visitors to their country. When traveling to Germany, do not be afraid of conversing with the locals as you can learn a lot about their country during your stay. They are also very knowledgeable about places within the different cities that are attractive hotspots for tourists. However, the biggest advantage of communicating with the locals is that you can find out where the best food outlets are around your area of accommodation. This can be very helpful as it is quite hard to find good restaurants near your residing area without the aid of the locals.

Traveling In Germany Is Really Convenient

traveling to germany

It is fairly easy to get around the different areas in Germany regardless of which city within the country you are traveling to. Transportation and transport services are a huge plus in Germany. From buses to trains to taxis, there are a variety of transport services that can get you from place to place or city to city without costing you loads of money. Transportation cost is relatively cheap in Germany. If you are someone who wants to save some money on renting a car to get around the various cities in Germany, then try taking a bus or a train as they can get you around just as quickly at a vastly cheaper price.

Christmas In Germany Is Wonderful

traveling to germany

One of the best times to visit Germany is during Christmas. Germans celebrate Christmas like no other festival. Though Christmas might only last a day, the festivities that take place throughout the month of December are what makes Christmas such a special occasion. In Germany, you can expect just that. Christmas markets are a huge tradition in Germany during the month of December.  Regardless of which city in Germany you travel to, you are guaranteed to see numerous Christmas markets being set up all over the city area. There are heaps of awesome things to buy at these Christmas markets. So, be sure to bring along some extra cash when traveling to Germany during the Christmas season.

Germany Is One Of The Safest Countries

traveling to germany

Germany is one of the safest countries in the world. Most tourists fear walking around at night in a country they are not so familiar with. However, Germany is a country you do not need to worry about in terms of safety if you are planning to travel there for a holiday trip. In fact, Germany has continuously been ranking top 25 on the Global Peace Index for a number of years. The Global Peace Index is an indication of how peaceful a country is based on several factors which include crime rate. Hence, if you are finding for a fun and safe travel destination to travel to with your family, then be sure to add Germany to that list.

Fun & Exciting Outdoor Activities

traveling to germany

Adventure lovers are going to find Germany a blast. There are a variety of fun outdoor activities that you and your family can partake in during your stay in Germany. And the best part of it all is that majority of these activities are free. Some of these thrilling outdoor activities include hiking, mountain cycling, rock climbing, skiing, and trekking. There is also an array of awesome water sports activities available in Germany such as paragliding, parasailing, snorkeling, and windsurfing. Munich is unquestionably the place you would want to be at if you are someone looking for such exciting activities. With breathtaking mountains and stunning beaches, Munich is the ideal destination for travelers looking for some adventure.

Germany Is Extremely Affordable

traveling to germany

Last but not least, though Germany is such a prominent travel destination, it is relatively affordable compared to most other countries in Europe. From food to groceries to transport, you do not need to spend loads of money to enjoy a good vacation in Germany. You can even head out with your family for lunch or dinner at a quality restaurant and need not worry about how costly it is going to be. As previously mentioned, transportation within Germany is pretty inexpensive if you are taking the local buses or trains. Hence, if you are looking for a country that is both cheap and pleasant to travel to, then definitely consider Germany as one of those destinations.

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