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Why Tourists Love Traveling To Thailand - Travelupic

Why Tourists Love Traveling To Thailand

Thailand, an iconic tourist hotspot in the heart of Southeast Asia. It has always been one of the most desirable travel destinations anywhere around the world. From Europeans to North Americans, everyone loves traveling to Thailand. The country is constantly packed with tourists year in, year out without fail. Travelers love places that provide them with that authentic experience that they can always look back at and create lifelong memories. This is precisely what Thailand is able to offer its visitors, an unforgettable experience.

Well, you might be wondering what exactly makes Thailand such a great travel destination that tourists are willing to travel from various continents just to visit. So, here are some of the reasons why Thailand is such a coveted holiday destination for many avid travelers.

Affordable Travel Cost

traveling to thailand

Everyone loves a cheap holiday trip with the family. However, cheap does not always mean unexciting. We usually tend to associate expensive holiday trips with pleasant and memorable times. Thailand definitely upends this theory. It is honestly one of the most affordable yet enjoyable travel destinations not just in Asia, but anywhere in the world.

From food to transport to accommodation costs, any traveler on a budget is sure to find this trip worth its value. You can even immerse yourself in local activities like boat riding at an extremely low price. In essence, the fun does not need to be expensive when you are in Thailand.

Rich Culture And History

traveling to thailand

Thailand is a country filled with rich cultural history. The locals pride themselves on their traditions, which is a very important aspect of any Thai community. It is also a means of portraying themselves to other people in various ethnic communities. When in Thailand, you will be able to recognize that Buddhism is the main religion in the country.

When in Thailand, you will be able to recognize that Buddhism is the main religion in the country. Buddhism is a religion that has been followed by many for centuries, dating all the way back to the 5th century when it was first introduced in the Southeast Asian region. It is also followed by nearly 95% of the country’s population with over 40,000 Buddhist temples across the country.

Amazing Local Cuisine

traveling to thailand

Good food is a must for any top travel destination. Although cuisines differ from place to place, good food does not depend on any cuisine. Thailand is well-known for its authentic Thai cuisine. It specializes in a vast array of strong flavors, savory aromas, and colorful dishes. Thai cuisine has also kept evolving over centuries through the influence of other cuisines like Portuguese, Chinese, Dutch, and Indian.

With inspiration from all over the globe, Thai cuisine provides food lovers with an array of flavors from multiple continents by bringing it all together into one outstanding cuisine. From restaurants to street food, delicious Thai flavors can be found almost anywhere in Thailand. And to add to this, it comes at an extremely reasonable price.

Beautiful Weather

traveling to thailand

Thailand has great weather all year round. You can mostly expect sunshine and warm weather in whichever part of Thailand you travel to. Especially for those who are used to cold climates, a trip to Thailand is definitely a great way of freeing yourself from cold weather.

Similar to other countries, Thailand also has its own seasons. Although the dry and hot seasons cover most of the year, the country also has its occasional monsoon season when it gets hit by heavy rains for months. The best time to enjoy that Thai sunshine would certainly be anytime during the months of December to June. This is the period when most tourists tend to visit the country. And let’s not forget about the combination of warm weather and a relaxing outing at the majestic beaches of Thailand.

Friendly Locals

traveling to thailand

Thai people have always been known to be extremely approachable. Even though a good amount of the population struggles with speaking or understanding fluent English, they still try their best to communicate with tourists.

The best way to truly understand the culture and history of the country is through interacting with the local population. Through such interactions, you will be able to get a better perspective of what Thailand is all about and essentially what makes it so uniquely different from its other neighboring counterparts. In fact, building a bond with the locals can be very useful, particularly for someone new to Thailand who does not really know the ins and outs of the country.

Incredible Nightlife

traveling to thailand

As travelers, we all love our nightlife. It takes up even more precedence when visiting a new country. No one wants to visit a country that has dull nightlife. That would certainly not be a worthwhile trip. However, that should not be a worry when planning a trip to Thailand. Thailand is world-famous for its nightlife. From beach parties to clubbing to night markets, the country is packed with a ton of fun activities both for kids and adults.

If you are bringing along your kids, make sure to visit the Chiang Mai Night Safari. It has always been highly recommended by tourists who travel with their kids. Kids are certainly going to enjoy viewing the exotic wildlife species that the safari has to offer at night.

Stunning Beaches

traveling to thailand

If you are someone planning to visit Thailand in the near future, be sure to add exploring beaches near the top of your to-do list when planning for your trip to Thailand. Thailand is filled with a number of dazzling beaches all across the country. Most of the popular beaches among tourists tend to be located in Phuket and Krabi.

There are even numerous fun water activities available for families like diving, surfing, and jet skiing. Kids will surely have a blast partaking in such activities. However, if you are traveling during the hot season, be prepared to bring your own sunscreen as the weather near the beaches can be quite intense. But this certainly does not affect the number of tourists visiting these marvelous beaches.

Remarkable Temples

traveling to thailand

Thailand is a country that built its foundation on strong religious beliefs. During the early years of the country, the natives started building Buddhist temples as a way of signifying the important role religion plays in their country. Most of these temples have stood for centuries. They represent a symbol of peace whereby anyone regardless of race or religion can visit and release themselves from any unnecessary tensions or worries.

With over 40,000 Buddhist temples all across the country, you are sure to find at least one near your residence. Some notably eye-catching Buddhist temples are the Wat Rong Khun (White Temple) in Chiang Rai, Wat Pho (Temple of the Reclining Buddha) in Bangkok, and Wat Chaiwatthanaram in Ayutthaya. With so many beautiful temples all around the country, you should definitely be adding some of them to your list of places to visit in Thailand.

Adventuristic Lifestyle

traveling to thailand

Many tourists who visit Thailand tend to be surprised by the countless number of adventurous activities the country has to offer. These activities include rock climbing, snorkeling, skydiving, hiking, and jungle zip-lining. Kids will certainly have a great time partaking in some of these activities.

Other than these sporty activities, you could even plan day trips to the various national parks within the country. Thailand has about 127 national parks and all of which have their own form of unique beauty. Hence, when planning for your trip to Thailand, make sure to book a hotel or accommodation near some of these activities so that you will not be missing out on Thailand’s adventuristic side.

Electrifying Festivals

traveling to thailand

If those reasons were not convincing enough, here is another reason for you to travel to Thailand. The fun never stops in Thailand, with celebrations and festivals all year round. It is a country that cherishes the opportunity to bring its people together and promote joy among the Thai community. The lantern, food, ghost, water, rocket, and buffalo racing festivals are just some of the many festivals the Thai community annually celebrates.

Travelers tend to schedule their trips to Thailand according to when these festivals take place. This is a great way to fully maximize your trip to the country and make it one that’s worth the travel cost. So, be sure to book your trips early if you are scheduling your trips according to the dates of these festivals as it can be really difficult to find flights nearer to these festival dates.

Final Thoughts On Traveling To Thailand

If you're someone who loves adventure and exploring new countries, Thailand is definitely the place for you. Many tourists love traveling to Thailand as there is always something new to look forward to whenever they visit the country. It is a great travel destination if you are planning a family trip with your kids.

With a multitude of exciting activities to choose from, it is near impossible to get bored in Thailand. But with every trip, planning is an essential phase in getting the most out of your trip. Start your planning phase by developing ideas about the different things you intend to do while in the country and plan your trip accordingly. At the end of the day, Thailand, being one of the most affordable travel destinations anywhere around the globe, is sure to be worth every penny!

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